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Pisara tackles the world's water challenges with digitalization



Securing the water supply

Pisara provides water utilities and water network operators around the world with access to modern water management services.

  • Improved visibility
  • Enhanced security
  • Better asset management
  • Improved safety
  • Focused resources
  • Improved customer satisfaction 

Pisara is a digital network monitoring, water quality management and leak detection service for water supply networks. It detects and locates leaks, monitors water quality and reports abnormalities in the network in real time.

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Our service provides a real-time situation map of the network, showing flow and pressure status, as well as providing leakage and water quality alerts. 


Detect AND locate

Finds leaks in the network with pinpoint accuracy, enabling rapid response and keeping the situation under control.



Alerts the user to abnormalities in the quality of the water, ensuring safety and security.


We combine state-of-the-art technology with Finnish water expertise to provide a comprehensive water network management service.

Alva-yhtiöt Oy is the first Finnish water supply company to have received an ISO 55 001 asset management certificate.


Transforming water supply management with IoT and artificial intelligence:
a Finnish success story

We are proud to share user feedback on the Pisara intelligent digital water management service. A water utility recently took the service into operational use, and their feedback has been extremely positive.

Users have found the service to be intelligent, with an intuitive user interface, and easy to use. They also noted that the service has given them a true real-time overview of the water network status. They particularly appreciate the zoom feature, which allows for detailed analysis of the status of specific parts of the network. We are very pleased with the verdict of the water utility's CEO, too:

"I have been waiting to see a product like this in my lifetime, which shows the pipes of the water network, their flow directions, and the real-time status of the water distribution network. This came earlier than I expected - an excellent service. Pieksämäki wants to be a pioneer in digital water supply, and Pisara's approach is well suited to our ambitious goal. With the Pisara service, we are able to significantly improve the management of our water supply and ensure safe water for all users now and in the future”

Matti Laaksonen, CEO of water utility Pieksämäen Vesi Oy.

It is great to receive this kind of feedback and encouragement at such an early stage. We are excited to be in a position to offer useful and innovative digital water services to the water sector, and to contribute to the advancement of water supply management using revolutionary technologies. Thank you to all our users for their valuable feedback and for their support. We will continue to develop our service to meet the needs and desires of our users.

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Secure, futureproof technology

Your digital sentry, always one step ahead

The Pisara SaaS service is built in the AWS environment, utilizing a well-established architecture that differentiates customer data into separate entities. The security of the service is monitored round the clock, and updates are applied constantly. The evolving requirements pertaining to data security are complied with rigorously.

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Change the way you manage water 


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