Pisara® ensures that your water supply works better tomorrow

Water supply is facing new challenges. Operation and business models require a rethink. The customer requirements for water supply are increasing. At the same time water usage is falling. 

Ensuring water quality is more complicated than ever. The maintenance backlog of the water supply network is accumulating at the same time as the regulated operational guarantees are increasing.

New types of professional competence are required to be able to utilize new methods such as digitalization and advanced technology.

We want to help our customers adopt to these new challenges and avoid water supply crises. Pisara makes available that the newest applications and expertise in water supply for all cities and municipalities.

Pisara® is comprehensive management of water supply

Pisara combines high technology and Finnish water expertise into a new kind of service.  Pisara helps to strengthen water supply through external experts, solutions and business models. Pisara maintains and develops water supply both as a technical system and as a valuable asset.

Pisara® technically

  • Water production: water production plants
  • Water supply network: pipeline network and units
  • Waste water network: pipeline network and units
  • Sewage treatment: wastewater treatment plants
  • Storm water network: pipeline network and units

Pisara® as a service

  • Investment programs
  • Construction
  • Operation and maintenance
  • Digital remote management of the network
  • Digital customer service