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Our responsibility

Pisara® is our gift to the world

Clean water is not something to be taken for granted, but a valuable part of our everyday life. Our right to enjoy it brings along a responsibility and an obligation to make sure it goes back to nature clean.

We are constantly developing new models to help cities and municipalities take care of their most valuable asset in the future as well.

We have to be able to predict the possible breaks and faults caused by the aging of the networks in the best way possible before crises occur. We have to ensure that our water supply, sewerage and waste water treatment continue to be first-rate long into the future.

Cooperation and digitalization play a central part in all this. New innovations emerge all the time, and they have to be taken into use faster and faster.

Although we have come far already, we feel our work has barely begun.

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Our dream is that globally everybody can enjoy clean and safe water long into the future.

Continuous development and cooperation

We have strong practical experience in water supply that we want to share. Due to our continuous development, we learn new every day and benefit from our field's research data as well.

We want to increase the cooperation between water supply stakeholders. All of this requires a more open and transparent operational culture.

Expertise in the future

We have to ensure that water supply as a field continues to have expertise in the future as well. New professionals and new ideas are needed so that the field will continue to develop in the right direction.

Our vision is to build Pisara Academy to provide opportunities for specialization and offer both students and professionals learning paths and on-the-job training that deepen their expertise.

Our mission is so deep that we want to offer Pisara to the world as well. We know that Finnish water expertise is highly valued internationally. Pisara is our contribution to making the world better.