Risk-based asset management

Pisara® maintains and develops water supply both as a technical system and as a valuable asset.

Maintaining, servicing, renovating and developing water supply systems require investments. Our expertise in risk-based asset management (RBAM) helps to reduce risks and to keep the cost of water moderate.

For us risk-based asset management is a set of systematic measures with which the organization takes care of the assets of water supply optimally and sustainably throughout its life cycle, taking into account the long-term goals.

The goal is to guide risk-based asset management are improving customer satisfaction, quality, the reliability of delivery and the cost level.

Pisara offers versatile digital applications and methods for risk-based asset management.



Pisara® asset management cycle

Risk-based asset management

Risk-based asset management

  1. Defining requirements

  2. Designing

  3. Construction / Implementation

  4. Operation / Maintenance

  5. Monitoring

  6. Improvements

  7. Disposal